Moving Camera nonprofit foundation is a floating photographic platform.

We promote the use of photography for positive social change.

Our Mission

Obscuraboat in Berlin

Our mission is to promote the use of art and photography for positive social change. We strive to create innovative, participatory art and photography workshops for children and youth from diverse and disadvantaged communities. Provoking imagination, creating a foundation for self-development and visual communication. We aim to work in partnership with organizations and communities in Berlin and around Europe.

Obscuraboat people in giant camera

We believe in art and its universal power of bringing people together. We believe in people and the power of communities, united together
We Inspire, We Create, We Change.

What We Do

We strive to create innovative, participatory art and photography workshops for children and youth from diverse communities, also inclusive of those with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Foundation Workshops

  1. Drawing with light a community drawing.
  2. Exposing images while being inside the Camera: Fundamental workshop learning basics of Photography.
  3. Sustainable LOOP—Bring it back to life.
  4. River Tours on the river.
  5. List of workshops is under constant movement.
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We believe that:

  • All learners, regardless of age, nationality or background, should have entitlement and access to visual art education.
  • Culture is a basic human right. Culture promotes social justice and participation in contemporary societies. A strong democracy is an inclusive society. And, an inclusive society is a strong democracy.
  • Education through art inspires knowledge, appreciation and creation of culture.
  • Visual art education develops an understanding of creative practice through knowledge, understanding and production of art in contexts.
  • Visual art education opens possibilities and opportunities for learners to discover themselves, their creativity, values, ethics, societies and cultures.
  • Visual art education develops the abilities to think critically and imaginatively, it fosters/aims at intercultural understanding, and an empathic commitment to cultural diversity.
  • Visual art education should be systematic and be provided over a number of years, as it is a developmental process. Learners should engage with ‘making’ alongside learning about art.
  • Visual literacy is an essential skill in today’s world. It encourages appreciation and understanding of visual communication and the ability to critically analyze and make meaningful images.
  • Visual arts in schools help students to understand themselves, building confidence and self-esteem, and contribute significantly to their own well-being.

About Us


Maciej Markowicz color negatives

In 2017/18 Maciej traveled 3000 km across Europe inside self-build floating camera as an ambassador of Triennial of Photography Hamburg and the 2Boats/Übermut Project supported by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He cruised through Europe, participating in major art/ cultural events. Throughout a yearlong journey he interacted with many people of different ages and different backgrounds. The immersive experience of being inside the camera unites people. Everyone is equal in that very moment. Strangers become friends and naturally get engaged in the most genuine open-minded conversations. This experience ignited Maciej’s need to open a nonprofit organization to promote the use of art and photography for positive social change.

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Maciej Markowicz is a photographer living and working in Berlin, Germany. Having a long-term passion for the medium and its materials, Maciej is best known for making mobilized Camera Obscura mechanisms, which he inhabits to explore the limits of photographic expression. Practically living inside a giant moving camera, he exposes images directly onto large-scale sheets of color photographic paper, creating Motiongraphs— unique direct negative photographs—without use of film or digital technology.

Though working with Camera Obscura, an antiquarian photographic device, for more than a decade now, I have only recently discovered its incredible power to unite people

#16 Image Caption: Year long European Waterway tour

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